Film Credits...

    Light Attaching to a Girl (2018), Producer, Sound Recordist

    The Heroin Effect (2017), Producer, Writer

    Hedgehog (2015), Line Producer    

    Angkor's Children (2015), Associate Producer

    Moonlight Bait and Ammo (2015), Producer

    Maybe There's a Tree (2014), Line Producer

    Refugees of Shangri-La (2014), Associate Producer

    Something in the Way (2013, short film), Producer

    Astraea (2013), Line Producer

    In Danger of Being Discovered (2013), Producer

    Only Daughter (2013), Producer, Line Producer, Assistant Director

    Unwound (2012, short film), Producer

    Hosed (2011, TV pilot), Producer

    Mito-Kids: Documenting Life (2010), Producer

    Deaf Perception (2010, short film), Line Producer

    Dark Scribbles (2010, short film), Producer

    The Bureau (2009, short film), Producer

    The Pond (2009, short film), Production Coordinator

    Tweet (2009, short film), Producer, 1st AD

    A Stranger Among Us (2007), Producer, Line Producer

    Bootful of Fish (2006, short film), Production Coordinator

    The House of Usher (2005) Production Coordinator, 2nd 2nd AD